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Accelerate Business Productivity... Increase Cost-Savings... Maintain Cost Avoidance.

​​​​Innovated with the passion to command excellence, deliver commitment, dedication, integrity and reliability in all its ventures, ZeN Group of Companies is a professional IT solutions provider well sought-after for its integrated solutions - designing, implementing and maintaining highly-efficient systems and storage infrastructure that serve to optimize business performance and procure long-term value.

Having built key partnerships with leading technology vendors like VMware, FalconStor, Microsoft and LANDesk, ZeN is fully-equipped to streamline core business processes to improve efficiency, capitalize on emerging technologies to achieve strategic advantage and increase cost savings to maximize profit margins.

Solution Design & Consultancy
At ZeN, we provide server consolidation and optimization, storage consolidation and archiving, design application, delivery infrastructures and virtual desk infrastructures. We remove the inconvenience of having to deal with multiple vendors. Thus, based on careful analysis, we are able to directly assist our customers determine their product requirements.

Implementation Services
As a leader in virtualization, we have designed a suite of offerings to help our customers expand beyond basic server consolidation. Customers are able to dynamically relocate their server workload from one site to another, build an agile disaster recovery site, manage and automate their virtual infrastructure and roll out their IT solutions across their multiple departments, track logistics and help ensure a smooth and trouble-free implementation.

Operations & Availability Management
Committed to rendering service excellence, we keep our customers' IT efficiency at an optimum level with troubleshooting services, hardware and software maintenance and disaster recovery services. We continually ensure that important needs and urgent requests are met with absolute competency without having to wade through multiple layers of management.