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Recognized and Endorsed by Global IT Leaders

With over a decade of experience in rendering IT business solutions, ZeN conscientiously maintains vendor and technology independence even though we have close working relationships with key component and systems providers. As ZeN has passed extensive regulatory compliances to be accepted and supported by distinctive IT industry giants, ZeN continues to gain dominance as an authorized System Integrator/Solution Partner/Value Added Partner/System House/Application Specialist for virtually every major automation platform, control system, human interface, and information management solution

We have been bestowed certificates, agreements, and badges by global IT leaders to honor and endorse our application expertise and technological know-how. The recognition and endorsement accorded are by our following valued partners : Microsoft, VMware, FalconStor and LANDesk

LANDesk is a leading global provider of IT Business Management solutions, delivering measurable value for IT and customer services. The company has over 20 years of experience across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. LANDesk is a member of HDI (Help Desk Institute) and IT Service Management Forum (itSMF). It supplies powerful software tools that align with IT management and customer service operations within a business organization. A business solution that delivers growth and enhanced customer, citiZeN and employee value. LANDesk is also a member of HDI (Help Desk Institute) and IT Service Management Forum (itSMF).
FalconStor Software leads the way in developing innovative network storage softwares designed to optimize the storage, protection, and availability of enterprise data and applications. This software offers Disaster Recovery. It protects datas from getting lost when there are incidents of a power failure, hardware failure, data corruption, virus attack or unexpected circumstances that disrupt the server system. Falsonstor is equipped to be placed at both the primary and secondary data centres. FalconStor-powered network storage solutions are available and supported by major OEMs, as well as system integrators and resellers worldwide.
VMware Inc. is a leader in virtual infrastructure technology. VMware supplies virtualization software for x86-compatible servers and workstations. The virtualization software breaks the bond between the operating system and hardware, making it possible to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications on the same hardware at the same time, while increasing the utilization and flexibility of hardware. VMware, as the world's leading desktop and datacenter virtualization provider, offers the best and most trusted solutions for transforming today’s often inflexible IT environment into a flexible, automated cloud infrastructure, helping you reap cost savings and productivity benefits. Currently there are 4 million users and over 20,000 corporate customers depending on VMware for their server consolidation, business continuity, improved software development and testing, and desktop manageability and security needs.
Microsoft is the world's biggest software provider and most dominant developer for multitude operating systems, productivity software, file server, messaging and collaboration solution