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As systems become increasingly complex, the occurrence of downtime becomes equally rampant and frequent. As a result, the exorbitant costs associated with system downtime can run into millions of Ringgit per day, apart from the unquantifiable costs and the unnecessary anxieties arising from it. However, ZeN, dedicated to providing service excellence, fully understands the undisputed necessity of keeping all of its clients’ servers available 24x7. Thus, enabling our clients' server systems to perform effectively and efficiently. Above all, optimally.

ZeN’s Support and Maintenance Services department is specially tailored to incorporate technical knowledge, domain expertise and skilled manpower to professionally handle software and hardware technical complications that surface unexpectedly.

It is our commitment to protect our clients’ IT investments and prevent costly downtime. Therefore, our staff are constantly kept abreast with advanced IT developments both locally and abroad to ensure the core expertise is constantly retained and enhanced - specially to provide the appropriate level of technical consultation, support and maintenance to meet the demanding needs of our clients.


  • Support Premium 24
  • Support Prepaid - PREPAID 500, 250 or 125

The above packages are not exclusive, as arrangements can be made to accommodate the flexibility that appeals to individual clients. Clients are free to choose a combination of packages to meet their needs.

The Support Premium 24 offers unlimited support request around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All options include helpdesk support from our certified technical staff, proactive support effort and online service summay.


  • Unlimited service with: Remote assistance & On-site support engineer
  • Consultation and support by phone and email
  • Service license per Server – applicable for Incident / Troubleshooting services within ZeN’s core expertise
  • Quarterly basis of scheduled Preventive Maintenance/Health Check for Servers
  • Availability of support staff who are contactable via email, helpdesk portal and telephone

The package offers 24x7 support service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with standby Engineers. Response time is within 2 hours.


ZeN offers three Prepaid Service options: ZeN SUPPORT PREPAID 500, 250 and 125. Clients are free to select the option that is best suited for its company’s needs. The three options offer different discounts and commitment levels. Prepaid service hours can be used for any system support issue or small project-based task no more than 3 (three) man days, such as:

  • Routine system Health Check/Maintenance
  • Equipment inventory
  • Systems administration
  • Virtualization or Disaster Recovery consultation


  1. License-per-site basis
  2. Applicable for various types of professional services including incident resolution, consultation, incident and project within the core expertise of ZeN
  3. Not fixed to any specific server
  4. On-site visit is chargeable on an hourly basis at reduced rates per unit
  5. Ability to arrange for fixed units prior to service engagement
  6. The service request can be treated as a mini project
  7. Availability of phone and email support, chargeable at only 2 units per incident
  8. Where and when the resolution takes longer than expected, ZeN will advise customer to obtain on-site visit
  9. Free consultation and support by phone and email enquiries up to three times per month
  10. Access to technology updates by email, attending seminars and training conducted by ZeN, partners and principals
  11. Minimum charges are 4 units per incident with maximum units capped per Incident applicable for incident or troubleshooting only
  12. 1 unit = 30 minutes block


  • Within 4 hours
  • Same Day or Next Business Day (depends on the time Incident is logged)